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June: Date night (Zoom)

July: Harmonic Lights

August: Teen Toes: Balancing Hormones and showing love

September: Immune Boosting Essential Oils

October: Kid Tootsies: Boost the immune system

November: Sample Night: Experience a sampling of all the modalities 

January: Chakra Balancing  

Become a Foot Zone Practitioner

Registration for Grand Junction, CO class open

Class begins in January 2021


Registration for Ft.Collins, CO class open

Class begins in January 2021 


Everything in your body, your muscles, lymphs, organs and bones, are all connected. These signals run through your body and have ending point in your extremities, your hands, ears and even your feet.  

The signals in your feet have been mapped extensively, with unbelievable detail. Working these  signals in a precise order allows our body to start correcting problems, either physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This helps puts our body in a state of balance.



My foot zone was amazingly effective.  I pulled a rib in my back and was going to see the chiropractor the next day.    As she was working on my foot, I heard a pop. I asked” what was that?” She said it was the place that correlated to my back and ribs. I then noticed that my rib was back in and the pain gone!  Outstanding!

L.W. Whitewater, Co. 

What is foot Zoning?

Work on the feet to create balance throughout the body by applying pressure to specific points on the foot.  Foot zoning is the belief that if the body is balanced it can start to heal.


     Every Body thrives with Harmonic Light. LED Harmonic Light sessions deliver pulsed light wavelengths that studies have shown can travel throughout the body to support optimal health. Research has found that Blue light calms and cleans the skin and surface layers, enhances collagen production, liver function and mood. Red light brings energy, enhanced circulation and detoxification to soft tissue, muscles, skin, organs, glands and gums.

      Near Infrared brings energy and enhanced circulation, regeneration and detoxification to hard tissue: bones, tendons, ligaments, joins and teeth.




Foot Zoning

Work on the feet to create balance through out the body by applying pressure to specific points on the foot. 


LED HarmonicLight Session

Experience the power of Harmonic Light

Discover how to relieve stress, pain & inflammation while increasing circulation and tissue regeneration for a healthier happier you.


LED Harmonic Lights & Foot Zone


LED Harmonic Light Facial

Combine the body balancing of a Foot Zone with the stress relieving power of the Harmonic Lights to create the ultimate relaxing and rejuvenating whole body experience.

The Facial Rejuvenating Mask is FDA cleared for over the counter treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. 


Ionic Foot Bath

Ionic detox helps the body’s normal detoxification processes to operate more effectively(at office only).


Access Bars & Engergy work

This is a gentle hands-on modality that utilizes 32 unique points on the head that correlate to different areas and aspects of life. During a sessiony these points are gently touched to release the electromagnetic charge of all thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, and beliefs that may have limited you in the concerended life areas. 



Vanessa Young -

Grand Junction

I grew up in the Grand Valley. I have been married for 14 years and have four children. After the birth of my fourth child, which was an emergency c-section, I received my first foot zone. During the zone I knew this is what I wanted to do when I grew up. The love and nurturing I felt during the foot zone is what I wanted to give to others. I was able to attend WeDoFeet Seminars and became a certified practitioner. Within three years I was able to become an instructor for WeDoFeet, so now I am able to help others help others!!   

Kerri Kemper - 

Grand Junction

Living in the Grand Valley has given me the opportunity to find new modalities in managing my own self-care. Foot Zoning and Harmonic Light therapy have been a catalyst that have changed my health for the better. After being oxygen dependent for over a year I'm now able to function on a daily basis without any external aides. Because of this I decided to become a Certified Foot Zone Practitioner. I believe giving people a choice  towards self-care is pivotal for their own journey to healing.

I'm proud to be an alternative practitioner that offers my clients a choice in managing their self-care.

Leslie Schroer - 


Leslie's journey with alternative medicine started 12 years ago when learning Quantum Energetics Structure Therapy, (QEST), and witnessing how our bodies are able to heal themselves! Becoming certified in QEST and experiencing the power of energy healing, along with understanding the importance of the energy body, has been life changing for her. Through this journey she recognizes  that energy is an important tool to support our bodies in maintaing a state of wellnes and balance.  


Continuing to explore a variety of alternative therapies, Leslie has added LED Harmonic Light Therapy and Foot Zoning to her list of modalities.


You can find Leslie in  Montrose where she offers; LED Harmonic Light Therapy, Foot Zoning, Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy, along with variety of ways to channel energy to help your body to its natural state of well being.




2505 Foresight Cir unit D, 

Grand Junction, CO 81505

121 N Park Avenue

Montrose, CO

Vanessa 970-260-9669

Kerri 970-219-3138

Leslie 970-531-3244