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Become a Foot Zone Practitioner

Monthly Classes: 

Spring Cleanse
Enjoy a LED Harmonic Light Session that will support the gallbladder or liver followed by an Ionic Foot Bath


Foot Zoning
Light Therapy



Vanessa Young -

Grand Junction

I grew up in the Grand Valley. I have been married for 14 years and have four children. After the birth of my fourth child, which was an emergency c-section, I received my first foot zone. During the zone I knew this is what I wanted to do when I grew up. The love and nurturing I felt during the foot zone is what I wanted to give to others. I was able to attend WeDoFeet Seminars and became a certified practitioner. Within three years I was able to become an instructor for WeDoFeet, so now I am able to help others help others!!   


Kerri Kemper - 

Grand Junction

Living in the Grand Valley has given me the opportunity to find new modalities in managing my own self-care. Foot Zoning and LED Harmonic Light therapy have been a catalyst that have changed my health for the better. After being oxygen dependent for over a year I'm now able to function on a daily basis without any external aides. Because of this I decided to become a Certified Foot Zone Practitioner. I believe giving people a choice  towards self-care is pivotal for their own journey to healing.

I'm proud to be an alternative practitioner that offers my clients a choice in managing their own self-care.


My foot zone was amazingly effective.  I pulled a rib in my back and was going to see the chiropractor the next day.    As she was working on my foot, I heard a pop. I asked” what was that?” She said it was the place that correlated to my back and ribs. I then noticed that my rib was back in and the pain gone!  Outstanding!

L.W. Whitewater, Co. 

I love getting my relaxation time with Rejuvenating Essentials. I get an hour for me to be pampered and some amazing light therapy. I love it and I recommend it to anyone who needs a bit of a re-set!

Maggie L.

LOVED my foot zone & LED lights with Kerri! She is truly amazing at what she does. Can’t wait till my next session with her.

Margarita B.



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