Everything in your body, your muscles, lymph’s, organs and bones are all connected. These signals
run through your body and having ending point in your extremities, your hands, ears and even your feet. 
The signals in your feet have been mapped extensively, with unbelievable detail. By working these 
signals in a precise order allows our body to start correcting problems, either physically, emotionally, 
mentally and spiritually. Putting our body in a state of balance and starting the healing process.



We Do Feet Seminars offers the most comprehensive Foot Zone Certification Course in the country. In each class, our Instructors go in-depth into the Foot Zone Technique and Anatomy & Physiology as well as Pathology and other aspects of Foot Zone Therapy designed to assist you in becoming proficient as a Foot Zone Practitioner. With over 150 hours of in-class study, when you finish your training you will feel competent and confident in your skills as a Foot Zone Practitioner and your ability to help those around you.
Course requirements consist of module-based homework, a series of client-practitioner exercises, a student presentation, and a final exam (written and practical).
The 9 seminars include hands-on instruction in the Foot Zone Technique; Instruction in Anatomy & Physiology and Pathology; review of course material; Instruction in complementary modalities, business laws & ethics, and the Principles of Success; supervised practical application of the Foot Zone Technique; and examinations.
Upon completion of the Foot Zone Certification program, passing the final, and completing all homework, class presentations, and client-practitioner exercises, you will be certified as a Foot Zone Practitioner by We Do Feet Seminars. Students are provided the opportunity to provide feedback on the course during the final seminar.
Tuition: $3,600 USD plus Materials fee
Tuition does not include costs for required texts, purchase of zoning supplies or equipment, travel to the seminars, or hotel accommodations.
Payment options are available. To learn more, speak with an Instructor.