Leslie Schroer

Montrose Foot Zone

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Leslie's journey with alternative medicine started 12 years ago when learning Quantum Energetics Structure Therapy, (QEST), and witnessing how our bodies are able to heal themselves! Becoming certified in QEST and experiencing the power of energy healing, along with understanding the importance of the energy body has been life changing for her. Through this journey she recognizes  that energy is an important tool to support our bodies in maintaining a state of wellness and balance.  


Continuing to explore a variety of alternative therapies, Leslie has added LED Harmonic Light Therapy and Foot Zoning to her list of modalities.


You can find Leslie in  Montrose where she offers: LED Harmonic Light Therapy, Foot Zoning, Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy, along with variety of ways to channel energy to help your body return to its natural state of well being.


Foot Zoning

Within each person's feet lie detailed and complex signal systems. This signal system is thought to be connected to every part of the human anatomy. These signals are believed to run throughout our bodies especially to the extremities, ear, hands and especially our feet. Our intent, with energy work through the feet, is to access the energy meridians and stimulate the signals. By doing this, the body will go back to its original state of vibration and balance. 

60 min session $65

Harmonic Light Therapy

Feel Yourself Shine!! Enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating 20 to 50 minute Light Session which will: -Encourage relaxation -Enhance cell regeneration -Increase oxygenation -Increase Circulation -Increase Nitric Oxide, ATP and cell regeneration -Increase collagen Enjoy Light treatment in conjunction with Foot Zoning for the ultimate in self healing! .   

Duration varies $40

Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy

Energy Body Therapy Using QEST's unique language and kinesiology, energetic distortions, which may actually be felt as physical symptoms such as pain, are discovered and resolved!

Duration varies $65

Light Session and Foot Zone

Combine the body balancing of a Foot Zone with the stress relieving power of the Harmonic Lights to create the ultimate relaxing and rejuvenating whole body experience.

60 min session - $75
HED Harmonic Light Facial

The Facial Rejuvenating Mask is FDA cleared for over the counter treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. 

45 min session $50

Chakra Balance

Duration varies - $55

Contact Leslie

(970) 531-3244

121 N Park Avenue, Montrose, Colorado