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Benefits Of Light 

Everybody thrives with Harmonic Light. LED Harmonic Light sessions deliver pulsed light wavelengths that studies have shown can travel throughout the body to support optimal health. Research has found that blue light calms and cleans the skin on the surface layer,  and enhances collagen production, liver function and mood. Red light brings energy, enhanced circulation and detoxification to soft tissue, muscles, skin, organs, glands and gums. Near Infrared brings energy and enhanced circulation, regeneration and detoxification to hard tissue: bones, tendons, ligaments, joins and teeth.

LED Harmonic Light Session $35

Experience the power of Harmonic Light. Discover how to relieve stress, pain & inflammation while increasing circulation and tissue regeneration for a healthier happier you with the power of LED Harmonic Light Therapy.

LED Harmonic Light Facial $35

FDA cleared for over the counter treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. Studies show that red, infrared and orange light can penetrates deep within the skin to increase cell renewal, boost fibroblast activity and increase collagen production which wards off visible aging. Studies have also shown that low levels of red LED light therapy can help acne symptoms by reducing inflammation and hair follicle issues that contribute to breakouts.

Chakra Balancing Session $35

Enjoy 30 to 45 minutes of deep relaxation and meditation during a LED Harmonic Chakra Wand session. If you are feeling stuck or have pain this session can open and renew your whole system. 

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