2020 Monthly

Foot Zone classes

Join us for Monthly Foot Zone classes to learn how you can use foot zoning

at home to help not only yourself, but your family too.

Classes will be $20 per person. 

Scroll down to register!

All classes are at 8pm MST the 2nd Thursday of the month.


June: Date night (Zoom class) - June 11th

July: Harmonic Lights  - July 9th

August: Teen Toes: - August 13th

Balancing Hormones and showing love

September: Immune Boosting Essential Oils - September 10th

October: Kid Tootsies: Boost the immune system - October 8th

November: Experience a sampling of all the modalities  - Nov12th

January: Chakra Balancing   - January 14th

Monthly Classes Registration

Admission fee for this course is $20 (June is free) You may pay by Check, CC, or Venmo. If paying by CC, follow the "pay now" link below.